Why AntiVirus Is Important

Are you protected?

More Than Just “A Virus”

We all know that we should have antivirus installed but besides causing annoying popups and slowing your computer down, what else do viruses really do and how does keeping your antivirus up to date prevent it?

Next Generation Viruses

These days, it’s no longer your dad’s viruses that rule the internet. Viruses have become more sophisticated and what once was just an annoyance has become a much more serious matter. Cyber criminals are now more interested in stealing your data and indeed your identity with the end goal of making money, either by directly getting you to pay via a data ransom, stealing your credit card and banking information to make online purchases or by using your computer as part of a “botnet” to SPAM other victims or break the security of other systems.

Being infected can cost your or your company millions of dollars in retroactive solutions, not to mention the down time and breach of information privacy.

How To Stay Secure

It is very important that you keep your antivirus subscription valid so you can receive the timely updates against the newest and latest threats. Antivirus software such as Symantec Internet Security for home users, or Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition for companies with multiple machines, play an important role in preventing infection.

As a user, you must also be vigilant and careful not to open suspicious emails, click on dangerous links or download software from untrusted sources.

Are you protected?

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