Reasons To Rent A Computer

Reasons To Rent A Computer

When it comes to reasons for renting computers, most people immediately think about conferences, training and other temporary events. However, there are many more reasons why renting computer equipment can be both beneficial and cost saving. We at Tropical Computers rent Desktop & Laptop computers, monitors, laser and multi-function printers as well as projectors and projector screens.

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Temporary Staff

Some businesses may hire temporary staff to assist during busy periods. Renting a laptop or desktop machine for these additional workers typically cost less than purchasing new equipment and you can easily return equipment when no longer required.

Long Term Cost & Tax Savings

You may think that it is best to buy a computer, use it and recover some cost at the end of its life by selling it. In reality, technology advances so quickly that your computer will quickly lose its value as the years go by. A long term lease allows you to claim the entire cost of leasing against your tax returns saving you money while you continue to have your machines upgraded for free to current specifications during the rental period.


Renting means you can swap a desktop for a laptop as needed or increase / decrease your computer complement when it is beneficial to do so.

Stability and Budgeting

Computers can be a significant investment with high up front costs. Renting allows you to have a known fee to pay at regular intervals without having to consider break downs or machines sitting unused if business needs change. You can easily increase or reduce your computer related expenses as business picks up or slows down.

Testing & Trialing

You may be thinking of upgrading your computers or trialing a new department or line of business. Renting computers present a great option which allows you to try before you buy, or test before you invest.