5 Questions Answered on Dell Batteries

Know your battery!

5 Common Questions On Batteries Answered

There are lots of myths going around about rechargeable batteries – how long should a charge last, when should it be a replaced, is it safe to use a non-genuine battery? Below we have 5 common questions about batteries answered by Dell. If you have more questions, feel free to call Tropical Computers on +1246 430 0306 and ask for Claire, Sheena or Tameisha.

  • Does Dell recommend the use of a non-Dell replacement battery?
    Dell recommends that you replace your battery with a genuine Dell battery obtained from Dell. When using a genuine Dell battery, you can be assured that you have a battery that has been designed, qualified and manufactured to strict Dell quality standards. For safety and performance always use a genuine Dell battery purchased from Dell.Dell does not evaluate the design or check the quality of non-Dell replacement battery packs. The quality and safety is unknown when using such batteries.
  • How long does a Dell laptop battery last? When should I consider replacing mine?
    All rechargeable batteries wear out with time and usage. As time and cumulative use increase, the performance will degrade. For the typical user, noticeable reduction in run time generally will be observed after 18 to 24 months. For a power user, reduction in run time generally may be experienced prior to 18 months. We recommend buying a new Dell laptop battery when the run time does not meet your needs
  • How long does it take for a Dell laptop battery to fully recharge?
    The charge time varies depending on the system. If the system supports ExpressChargeTM , the battery typically will have greater than 80% charge after about an hour of charging, and fully charge in about 2 hours with the system off
  • Should I totally discharge, then recharge my Dell laptop battery occasionally to make it last longer?
    No, discharging and charging does not increase the life of a Lithium Ion technology battery
  • Is it easy to install a battery?
    Yes, very easy. First, make sure all open files are saved. Next, either attach the AC adapter directly to the laptop or set the system to “hibernate” mode or shut off. Release the latch on the current battery, and simply install the replacement battery.

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